Wednesday, February 4, 2015

2014 Academics

Circle Time

Math (Daily):  Mathematics Enhancement Programme M-girl will continue in Year 3, N-boy is almost ready to start Year 3, and R-girl is doing Year 2.

Logic (Independent, Daily during math): M-girl and N-boy will be working on Detective Club logic.  R-girl has worked past her ability level, we're going to take a break.

History (Week A): Story of the World III. We use the Activity Guide.  The Jim Weiss audiobooks are a great addition, too. (Week B): Independent Assigned Reading based on books suggested in the Activity Guide or other books for the time period.

Science (Week A): Independent Assigned Reading relating to Chemistry.   (Week B): Still up in the air, either R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey Chemistry or Ellen McHenry's Elements or a combination of the two.  We're starting with the sample chapters.

Geography (Independent):  Memoria Press' States and Capitals and Geography Blobbing.

Writing (Daily): Copywork, Narration, and Dictation across History, Science, and Literature.  Writing and Rhetoric: Fable from Classical Academic Press for M-girl.

Latin (Daily):  R-girl is almost done with Prima Latina.  M-girl and N-boy (and in a few weeks R-girl) will all work on Latin For Children A.  Hoping to work this more consistently in 2014.

Grammar (Daily-ish):  We use Peace Hill Press' First Language Lessons.  R-girl is in Year 2, N-boy is finishing Year 3 and M-girl well into Year 4..  We work on this about 3 days in a week.  Every other Friday, we'll also use Michael Clay Thompson's Music of the Hemispheres and Memoria Press' Poetry for 3rd-6th. We also use Sentence Composing for Elementary School on occasion.  A big task to to figure out what we'll use after FLL4.  Ack! 

Penmanship: R-girl has Cursive First to complete.  In the summer, I expect she'll work on typing via Dance Mat Typing and practice as the others do with  I am adding copywork back to everyone's lessons this year.  M-girl and N-boy have it 2-3 days per week via C. S. Lewis Quotes for Copywork for the time being.

Art and Music: We continue using Artistic Pursuits, which I love.  Our Art with Friends group is still going strong and one of the other moms is teaching Drawing For Children.  She's actually artistic, so that's awesome.  We're also taking art classes at the Columbus Museum of Art through May.  The children take Piano Lessons.  On Tuesdays, we try to do Art Study and Composer Study after lunch.  We're working on Monet and Bach at the moment.

Gymnasium: We participate in community soccer, basketball, and baseball/softball.  We plan to continue with swim lessons.  We play.  They occasionally do some Pilates and I hope to add some running.  They hike with their Daddy for geocaching.